Frequently Asked Questions about Genesis World Energy

The genesis project is currently inactive, the following FAQ describes events from the past and as of this writing may no longer be accurate.

Q: How did the Genesis Project begin?
A: A 50-year old research and development group launched the Genesis project in 2000 with past ties to Cold War technology programs. The Genesis Project was privately funded to ensure that its goals, the generation of clean, abundant and renewable energy from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water, remained outside the control of government or corporate interests.

Q: How was the Genesis Project assembled and how did it function?
A: The Genesis Project and Team were assembled and managed under the strictest of secrecy, modeled after the highest priority given to defense projects. Although the Genesis Team eventually consisted of hundreds of members, only a few individuals knew what specifically was being created. This was accomplished by separating every aspect of the research and development effort into very small-defined tasks. Until early in July of 2002, when the veil of secrecy was finally removed for many of the team members, less than half a dozen people actually understood all aspects of the technology, or had seen the Edison Device. All current and future aspects of the Genesis Team's efforts will be conducted in the same manner.

Q: Who ws involved in the Genesis Project?
A: The project team was very large, consisting of more than 400 visionaries representing a wide array of scientific, technological and engineering disciplines. Working in task force groups throughout the US, team members themselves did not know the identities of other Genesis Project members outside their own group, or the totality of the project's goals. In order to retain their privacy and for reasons of confidentiality related to the protection of their intellectual property assets, the individuals involved in the Genesis Project wish to remain anonymous.

Q: How were the Genesis Team members selected?
A: The Genesis Team was assembled based on the guiding principle that each human being has the potential to contribute great value to the world. As such, credentials, career acclaim, education, and personal background issues were not top priority in selecting team members. The selections were based on relevant expertise and positive attitude toward meeting the challenges.

Q: Who owns the Genesis Technologies?
A: The Genesis Technologies are privately owned by the individuals who created them and they have no intention of offering equity to the public. People who wish to invest in Genesis related technologies, may look to publicly traded corporations that receive licenses.

Q: What is the reason for the secrecy surrounding the Genesis Project?
A: Because of the economic and geopolitical implications of the Genesis Project technology, every possible means of safeguarding it have been taken prior to its disclosure and the subsequent establishment of licensing agreements aimed at its proliferation. Because the technology may initially be perceived as a threat to established government and industry interests, strict security measures are being taken to keep the Genesis Project technology in the hands of free market forces.

Q: What are some of the reasons for the continued high level of security?

To successfully complete the development of the technology, deploy it and continue with its advancement without future interference.
To remain in a position to protect the key intellectual properties related to Genesis on an ongoing basis.

Q: Why was Boise, Idaho selected as the location for the introduction and presentation of the Edison Device?
A: Boise was the location where key members of the team originally gathered to begin organizing their efforts, so the Team decided it would be an appropriate place to announce the technology to the world. GWE currently has no business operations located in Idaho.

Q: Is it realistic for Genesis to target a production of one to two million systems per day?
A: Yes. GWE will supply only certain key assemblies to licensees. Manufacturing partners or subcontractors will supply many of the components and subassemblies used by GWE to manufacture those key assemblies. Furthermore, over the past six months, the Genesis Design Engineering Team has been working on methods of maximizing production outputs and has greatly reduced the time and number of components necessary in building the key subassemblies. The one million and two million production support targets include all forms of devices that use the Genesis technology, not only Edison Devices.

Q: Did Genesis World Energy begin establishing pre-existing markets for the Edison Device prior to the public announcement in December 2002?
A: Yes. The Genesis Team had begun establishing market commitments throughout the world for several hundred million systems prior to the December 5th, 2002 public announcement, ensuring that the technology would move forward successfully regardless of post announcement efforts by those opposed to the introduction of the technology. None of the pre-existing relationships established prior to the public announcement will receive manufacturing data packages in advance of potential licensees that expressed interest after the public announcement in December 2002.

Q: Did Genesis World Energy have pre-existing manufacturing supply commitments for the Edison Device prior to the public announcement in December 2002?
A: Yes. Genesis World Energy had developed a component supply infrastructure capable of supporting the supply and distribution of significant quantities of key components and was prepared to supply licensees worldwide with a range of independent sources for commercially available non-key components. Since the December 5th public announcement, GWE has begun the process of greatly expanding its supply infrastructure capabilities.

Q: How far reaching are Genesis' current supply commitments?
A: Genesis World Energy has currently received proposals from governments, private organizations and individuals form over 100 countries that meet the specified requirements.

Q: Has Genesis World Energy accepted any public or private investment?
A: No.