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The limited land area should not be used as an excuse to ignore green areas or parks at home. Because the park can not only provide beauty but also beneficial for personal health and maintain environmental balance. When you feel tired after working with a computer or working for hours, the green view from the home garden can refresh the eyes. Besides, the process of photosynthesis from plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen so that air levels at home become fresher. There are various types of parks in the house such as minimalist gardens, dry gardens, Mediterranean parks, Japanese gardens, vertical gardens, or European parks. Even though you have a small house, you can still build all kinds of parks, but of course with a small size. For example, a minimalist garden that looks beautiful and fits in with minimalist style houses. To get maximum and satisfying results from the arrangement of this park you should consult with more professionals in this field such as landscaping surrey.

Minimalist gardens are synonymous with the use of plants and ornaments that are not too much. Large plants are usually only placed at the corners or edges of the park. While other parts are only planted with grass or a few stepping stones. Here are some ideas for a minimalist garden that can be used as inspiration. A combination of Hardscape and Grass. If you don’t want the whole garden to be planted with grass, you can combine it with a cement plate. Besides, other alternatives can also use grass blocks with a variety of motives.

Next, a small plant on the edge. The backyard of the house is sometimes used as an area for drying clothes. Therefore, do not plant too many plants in a minimalist garden behind the house. Instead, empty the middle of the park, and multiply to plant small plants on the edges.

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