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Enlarge breast size can indeed be done by raising the weight of the body. But do you know if there is a natural way to enlarge your breast without the need to be fat?

It seems to be common knowledge that if we gain weight, we automatically increase the size of our breasts as the fat on the chest increases. It has been a well-known fact for so long. But although raising weight can be a quick way to enlarge breasts, surely no woman who wants to have an overweight body yes. Well, this time we have a natural way to enlarge breast size without raising your weight. How to? You just apply this habit. To find out does Total Curve really work, you can visit our website.

1. Use the Size of the Fitting Bra

The use of the right bra is also very important because if using the wrong bra size, your breasts can look small and slacken. Always choose the size of a bra that fits with your breasts. Low-collar clothing such as v- neck or low cut can also give the illusion of larger breasts. Do not forget also to always keep your posture to always be upright so that your chest looks bloated.

2. Breast massage

This is the best way to smooth blood circulation around the breast area so that the required nutrients can be channeled perfectly. As a result, the size of your breasts can be enlarged. To see the movement of breast massage, you can check this article. Massage your breasts regularly every day for maximum results.

3. Use of Natural Ingredients

There are many natural ingredients that are known to stimulate breast growth, and these ingredients are believed to be most effective for enlarging breast size:

– Fenugreek: a herbal plant that can be used as spices. This plant can stimulate the production of prolactin which helps increase breast size.

– Fennel: The grains from the fennel plant are rich in flavonoids that trigger the growth of tissue cells in the breast.

– Saw Palmetto: Often called a magic plant because it can control the hormone testosterone that inhibits breast growth. Therefore, this plant is very good for stimulating breast growth.

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