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For women, the size of a good womens watch is not too big, and care should be taken to fit the size of your wrist. Generally, women use watches with dial diameters of 34-38 mm. With the size is not too large, the watch will be a subtle accessory detail but can be a sweetener that makes your outfit perfect. But one of the most important things is choosing the right strap for your watch. There are many choices of watch straps. However, because women usually have many types of outfits, it helps you look for watches that have an interchangeable strap feature. That way, you will be able to have many types of straps that can be changed according to your outfit daily.

If you want to have a versatile strap, you could choose suede as the right material for your watch. A suede strap can push up the look of a watch and can also give a strong character. This suede-made strap is a popular choice on sports chronograph watches, vintage watches, and watches with an elegant appearance. Whatever your watch is, a suede strap is the most suitable strap if you are looking for comfort in using a watch. This suede material is made from the inside of an animal’s skin, known as a reticular dermis. Suede has a similar appearance to nubuck material, but suede is more waterproof and has a harder texture.

Besides, this suede is famous for its nature that is easily formed following the wrist and softness. However, it should be noted, suede material must be kept away from cream and also water. Suede straps can accentuate sporty details on sport watches and can also be an alternative to the replacement straps that are often encountered such as steel, calfskin, and crocodile skin. You could say this suede strap is versatile too, because we can find it on pilot watches, diver, and even the dress watch can have a casual look after using a suede strap. Suede strap watches are often used together with casual outfits, such as flannel shirts, boots, and leather jackets. The appearance of the unique texture of this suede strap is almost compatible with a variety of outfits, ranging from sporty, smart casual, to business casual.

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