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Almost everyone has experienced back pain. Apart from being able to disrupt daily activities, it will also cause discomfort. There are various ways to avoid this problem. Starting with good habits. Stop smoking, maintain ideal body weight, eat healthy food and exercise. Good posture, exercise that exercises balance, strength, and flexibility can help strengthen your back. You can get the best exercise on emily lark back to life.

Maintain good posture, sit up straight, avoid bowing, and don’t sit for more than 30 minutes. It is also important to give your back support when you sit and sleep. When in bed you may use a pillow if necessary to support your back.

Regular exercise will be very helpful. When you exercise, you can do crunches and extensions of your back using the ball in the gym. When you exercise make sure it is beneficial for your upper and lower back muscles. Besides this exercise also helps maintain the flexibility of your back. Walking is the right choice for your back health.

Don’t rotate your body when you carry things. Turn your body and keep your hips and shoulders facing the same direction. If you do work like gardening that does a lot of bending, take frequent breaks and stretch your back when standing.

Don’t ignore pain. If you feel pain in your back, stop your activities, rest, and consult a doctor. Ignoring the pain will cause complications later.

Back pain or pain can also be caused by daily activities or poor posture. Example:

Poor sitting position when using a computer. A very hunched up position when using a computer can increase your back and shoulder problems over time.
Twist the waist.
Cough or sneeze.
Muscle tension.
Excessive stretching.
Bending for a long time.
Strain to the neck, like when driving or using a computer.
Long driving sessions without breaks, even when not bending.

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